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Simply subscribe to a month-by-month plan for your child, grandchild, or favourite young reader. 


Don't forget to share your child's unboxing photos with us.

Where will their reading journey take them?

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Step One

Start your child's reading journey around Britain by subscribing to a monthly plan.

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Step Two

Watch your child's excitement as they receive their first box! What's inside? Can they wait to find out?

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Step Three

With our boxes, your child can enjoy their reading journey while learning through fiction about different places, people and cultures across Britain.

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Subscribe to our monthly boxes.

Cancel or skip at any time.

£19.99 monthly



What's in the box?
We're glad you asked! Please take a look here to see what's in our boxes. 

Do I need to subscribe?
Not at all! You can order a one-time box of our current month, or purchase a previous month's box from the shop here. These cost a little more than subscriptions so we'd recommend you subscribe for a better price.
If I subscribe, when will I be billed?
Upon subscription, you will be billed immediately. We then send out your child's first box on the 20th or 30th of the month (depending which is closest). After receiving your first box, you will be billed on the same day of the month and thereafter unless you skip or cancel your subscription. 

Can I skip at any time?
Yes! If you need to pause your subscription at any time, that's not a problem at all. Just login to your account to manage when your boxes arrive.

What is your cancellation policy?
We hope you will stay a customer for ever! However, we realise that you may need to cancel and you can do so for whatever reason and at any time. Please bear in mind the date of the month because we may have already taken payment or shipped your box (please try to skip or cancel before your renewal day when payment will then not be taken for that month).

When are boxes dispatched?
These are exciting times for everyone! We ship our regular monthly boxes on the 20th and 30th of the month depending on which date is nearest when you first subscribed.

My child really wanted one of your previous boxes. What can I do?
Previous boxes are stocked in the shop until they run out. Take a look here to see what we still have left. Why not subscribe each month so that your child doesn't miss out on all of the exciting things coming soon?

Why do you want to know the name of my child and their birth month?
Here at The Junior Travelling Reader, we like to personalise the postcards which come in every box. This is the reason why we ask for your child's christian name. We'd like to think of your child opening their box addressed just to them!
We also ask you to let us know your child's birth month so we can add something extra to that month's box. Oh, exciting stuff!

Is there anything else I need to be aware of?
Yes. All of our boxes contain treats and gifts. Please be aware of this when purchasing boxes for children. If your child has any allergy or medical condition, please get in touch with us before your purchase any item and we will do our best to advise you. If you are buying a box for a gift, you must make sure prior to purchase that any food and gift is suitable for the person who receives the box.


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